Federation Square Digital Facades

Federation Square Digital Facades - Transport Building
Federation Square is set to become one of the world’s first outdoor digital art galleries. A set of state-of-the-art digital experience screens – a wall of LEDs adorning the exterior of the Transport building - will replace the current big screen.

In a Design and Construct delivery model, Project Group is engaging innovative approaches and solutions to the many challenges presented on this bespoke project. Early engagement with the consultants and stakeholders has identified unique access provisions to the LED façade screens to facilitate ongoing maintenance requirements while also accommodating crucial ventilation/heat load performance criteria and water run off control. The construction of an off-site façade prototype is identifying and detailing the many facade elements including LED screen fixings and set out, louvre ventilation installation and zinc cladding. Prefabricating the steel façade into transportable and craneable sections is an innovative solution to economically erecting the structure. Project Group has also developed approaches to maintaining site security to the works areas while enabling tenancy access to the Transport Building and public use of the main Federation Square plaza.