Peel by Milieu

Peel by Milieu - 47 Peel Street, Collingwood
The nine-level development, comprising 36 apartments, was carefully modeled by the architects DKO to see how residents would feel at various times of the year, from high summer to the middle of winter. As well as responding to Melbourne’s varied climate, the robust brick building is evocative of some of the larger industrial brick warehouses dotted throughout the Collingwood neighbourhood.

‘We always look at areas we want to live in as well as the residents who will make the choice to live in our buildings,” says Michael McCormack, director of Milieu. As important for Milieu with the Peel Street apartments was the comfort factor for residents in making each apartment a home rather than simply a space to ‘park’. High ceilings, flexible spaces and an integrated office at ground level are just some of the features that create a ‘sense of place’. Community noticeboards and proactive body corporates are also integral to this. A café at ground level activates the project and is a drawcard for locals.

The distinctive shape for the building was partially generated by the height of neighbouring apartments, varying from seven storeys on one side and five on the other. “We brought the corners of our building down to align with the neighbouring heights,” says architect Jesse Linardi, Design Director of DKO Architecture. Although the Collingwood site is compact, it benefits from an adjacent park as well as sunlight from three of the building’s four frontages. “There are no south-facing apartments in the entire development,” says Linardi.

Peel by Milieu includes one, two and three-bedroom apartments (averaging out at 60 square metres) as well as a penthouse apartment. “This is our second project with Milieu. We’re attracted to their quality in design and attention to detail,” says Michael Robertson, Managing Director of Project Group.

The considerable number of compounding angles in the design required a high degree of skill and experience to ensure that the vision of the developer and architects, was brought to fruition. As well as the angular design, other challenges in the delivery of this project included a 100 per cent per cent plot ratio and the off-formed concrete soffits throughout the entire building.

“Normally, architects hear the words ‘value manage’, with developers and builders cutting back on finishes to meet budget. Here, everything that’s been designed will be retained, including the snap-block building system,” says Linardi, who has worked with Project Group on a number of high-end projects. “From the outset, we were given time to really develop the design and fine tune details,” he adds.

As with the exterior, the interior spaces, designed by DesignOffice, include a number of built-in customised joinery elements. “It’s the type of joinery you normally see in bespoke architect-designed homes,” says Robertson, who enjoys seeing the ‘bar raised’ in multi-residential developments. “We worked with Milieu on the concept and pre-planning for the Peel Street apartments. It’s a timeless design geared towards the owner-occupier market,” adds Robertson.